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That boy needs therapy!
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July 2, 2008

What is waiting at home to greet Kimberly is not what she expects. She knocks on the door hesitantly, aware that there's a good chance she will not be welcomed, but when her grandmother's face appears, it wears a look first of shock and then of relief, but never of anger. The older woman shouts into the house in Vietnamese, calling her husband, and then sweeps Kimberly into a hug.

For a time, for the evening, for the four hours until they drive Kimberly to the hospital, nothing else matters. There will be time for apologies and explanations and sorting out how everything about their lives will change. There will be time for everything, now, time for everything they all thought lost. Kimberly's grandfather arrives, running from the living room, and he embraces her as well, and the family just stands and cries for a time.

Everything else can wait.
Juliette Sargent
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