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“Fuck... and here I thought you'd make it easy...” Melina laughed and stood, wiping the fake tears away. She'd lost her meatshield. Too bad, but whatever. She'd just finish her off and put the poor girl out of her misery.

“You see Monique... nothing is as simple as you think... I killed Lance, He killed Heather... Rather justified, don't you think?” She smiled darkly. “Men are just pigs waiting to come up to the slaughter. After all, all they care about is Sex, and breaking girls into nothing.” She shrugged and backed away from the other girl a bit.

“But not me. I won't let them. I'll kill them before they get the chance to kill me. You see, Paul Smith attacked me right after I killed Lance. He's running around the island with a gun now. I'd say that was pretty dangerous... I'm going to stop him... I'll take back my gun and kill the fucker. And all the other pigheaded men I meet.” She laughed a bit.

“You game babe?”
The Dan: she won me over with card games, brownies, sex and handcuffs

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