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Monique was taken aback by the first announcement. As it carried on, with Danya's rambling off names of the deceased, she felt sad at hearing not only Heather's name once again, but also the horrible story of how she'd been killed by a crazed Lance. She shed some more tears, but regained her composure just in time to hear another name mentioned that struck close to home. This time, it wasn't someone who died, but rather a killer. And that very killer happened to be sitting right next to her, assuring her that all was well. Panic set in, and Monique's pulse started racing to a dangerous level.

"O-oh oh.... my GOD! MELINA!" she screamed, "You KILLED Lance!? You KILLED HIM!?". She shuffled back towards the ledge of the small cavern they were in, readying herself to escape. A look of sheer terror crossed her face. Her skin had gone completely white. "Wh-wh-why? WHY WOULD YOU PLAY?! I TRUSTED YOU!" she screamed, louder than before. No doubt anyone in the area would hear it, but she didn't care if danger found her. It already had. In her mind, Melina killing someone made her able to kill her. And Melina being able to kill her made her feel as though she would. "Get back Melina... don't come too close". She tightened her grip on her axe. It was probably too cramped in there to swing it, but holding it made her feel comfortable. She looked at her axe briefly, and then back at Melina, staring her straight in the eyes. She knew at that instant that girls were equally untrustable in this game as guys were in general. "Stay away from me" she screamed. It was a scream of absolute terror; the kind that you can only reproduce in a situation where death was inevitable. She looked behind her to see how far out she would have to jump to fall into the water below and make her escape. It didn't seem too bad, and she only prayed the water was deep enough.
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