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[[OOC: I said I wouldn't be slow, yet I was slow again. I'm very sorry for the wait!]]
((Note: This is just a Miles Strickland post. I'll bring in a Kyran Dean post, sometime later in the cycle when it makes more sense.You folks can go next.))

Miles laughed anyway at Cody's failed joke. He could definitely be dense at times, but that was part of his appeal.

"Hello Mikey!" Miles said with a cheeky smile and a single wave of the palm.

That's what Miles always called Michael, ever since he could remember meeting and playing with him for the first time yet he still hadn't quite grown out of using it. Miles had known Mike for years, ever since they were very young children in fact. The Eastmund's were family friends of the Bell’s and Strickland's. There was a time in those early years where he and Mike used to be playmates before they quickly drifted apart after having to attend different grade schools.

Miles still wasn't really sure why Mr. Eastmund decided to enroll Michael into public school. Mikey was a friendly kid, so why punish him?

Eventually, their developing differences in personality and lifestyle proved to be too much and they barely associated with each other for a long time even outside of their respective schools, especially in years where Mikey became pretty much distant to anyone and anything resembling what one would call a social life. It was tough to watch, so Miles just avoided him for a while.

Later, Miles was forced to leave the academy and attend Aurora Public High School, where for the first time in ten years they were in the same school and even on the same sports team where Mikey actually became surprisingly popular in a short amount of time. Still, their bond was never close as it could have been. They mostly only talked due to running in similar social circles and because they shared a few mutual friends. Like right now for example.

"Good job out there," Miles said after glancing at the bruises all over Mike's body. Miles was reminded again why he was glad that he was just the placekicker and didn't have to do much of the grunt work or the hard stuff like the rest of them.

"By the way, if you two haven't already heard, some of the team are heading for the Around the Clock Diner later. You guys up for that?"

Before anything else could happen, their sleeping team-mate, Ethan, decided it was now time to awaken from his slumber.
"Who had the bright idea to hide my clothes?" Ethan loudly asked the locker room.

"Beats me," Miles said casually with shrug. He went back to his phone still opened to a photo of Stacy's mom and tucked it back into his bag, while discretely flashing another cheeky grin at Cody as he passed by when he was sure Ethan couldn't see the front of his face.

"I'm going to see who else is going to the diner, be right back," Miles fibbed to get away from the prank scene temporarily, only to get towel whipped by someone on the way.
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)