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Monique had just finished putting the cap back on the water bottle she'd been drinking from when she heard a voice echo from the rocks around her. The voice sounded female, so her mind was less restless than it could have been. She stuck her head out of the rock cave, being careful not to reveal too much of her position. It had sounded like Melina, a voice Monique recognized right away.

Her natural fear kept her from giving away her location, however, as she couldn't be sure she could trust Melina. The two of them weren't exactly close by any standards. It was more so that Monique had an unspoken respect for Melina, as she felt she was a strong female figure. But could she be trusted in this situation? Monique didn't want to risk it. She popped her head back into her hiding spot, and slowly shuffled back as far as she could. Unfortunately for her, she'd made the rookie mistake of knowcking a small rock off her ledge and into the water below. The sound of the splash resonated through the quarry.

Please don't find me. Please think it was nothing. Please just go away...

She gripped her axe hard as if she anticipated something would jump out at her. Of course, the location she'd been hiding was easily defended, and she could no doubt see anyone coming down to get her. But the axe felt secure to her. it was strange. She'd never had to rely on a weapon of any kind before. Not even a kitchen knife, let alone a large broadaxe.

Please just leave Melina. I don't want to fight you...
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