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((Double posting because it's time to leave this thread.))

Before Rachael could look at the sketchpad, she heard the bell ring. Rachael let out a sigh. Of course the bell would ring when she, Yasmin, and Arthur were being really chummy.

"Well, I got to get to class," Rachael said, packing her laptop into her bag. "We should hang out again. See you later."

Rachael stood up and made her way out of the gazebo. Next period would be a similar free period, but the teacher was still taking roll. Plus, she would need to charge her laptop soon, especially if she wanted to finish Lady Rhiannon's Knife.

((Rachael Langdon continued elsewhere))

Lady Rhiannon held the knife in her hands. The source of her misery. The cause of everything. It still shined like the moon on a cloudless evening. The curve resembled a large grin, the kind her fools would bear during their performances. It sickened her.

The door to her room burst open.

"Sir Rolay."

Before her stood a large man, covered in mail and armor.

"M'lady, it's as you figured. The Yundrasan forces will be meeting the Runedarans at the border of Rhiannos Wood. We will meet them there at dawn."

"Thank you, Sir Rolay."

"M'lady," the knight said, reaching his hand out. "Let me take that knife away. The message was made clear, and you do not need it anymore."

"Very well," Lady Rhiannon said.

She stood from her chair and handed the knife to Sir Rolay, ensuring he grabbed the hilt instead of the blade. The knight bowed and exited the chamber. He made his way down the steps of her tower, keeping the knife in his belt. He soon arrived to an area near the castle walls, where most of the waste would be collected before being disposed. Sir Rolay pulled the knife out of his belt.

"You have caused enough trouble. Thousands will die because of you. Begone."

He dropped the knife in the garbage and walked away. As he left, a figure appeared near the trash pile. A small boy, around eight years old, approached the pile. He had been employed to help in the kitchens of the castle along with his father and older sister. He was taking some scraps of food to the pile when he noticed the knife. The boy reached for the knife and picked it up. It was marvelous.

"Hey! Where did you get that?" asked a voice.

The boy turned and saw his older sister standing there.

"I found it," he said. "It was in the garbage."

"Well, it's not garbage," the girl said. "It's Father's knife."

"It is?"

"Yes. It's a knife he uses when Lady Rhiannon asks for a fruit and cheese plate. It's perfect for slicing bread and cheese. He hasn't been able to find it in days."

The boy then noticed the writing on the knife.

"Sister, what does 'servire nocte' mean?"

The girl took the knife and looked at it.

"It's from Father's home country. It means 'serve at night'. It's just a reminder so he doesn't mix it with any of the other cutlery in the kitchen."

The boy understood and looked down. The sister looked at her brother and grinned. She put the knife in his hands, and they began to walk back to the kitchens.

"Come on," she said. "Take it to Father. He's been looking for that knife. He'll be happy to see it."
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