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Miles looked on in amusement, as he watched Cody take up his suggestion and actually go on to hide Ethan's extra change of clothes.

At the same time, Cody began to name each of the girls he felt were the best Aurora had to offer. It seemed like Cody was into naturally tan girls with a bit of flavor in their personalities, by his mentions of Lana, Mara and Veronica. Miles couldn't blame him there, especially concerning Mara. They were way more than the blonde Barbie’s, which he'd grown tired of lately after dating Ms. Stacy "the prude" Ramsey. Well, she was nice to look at, he guessed, but weren't girlfriends supposed to do stuff?

It's like she kept him around as the trophy.

At least her mom is hot.

"Ah yeah. Mara's fine. She has an attitude, but I like 'em spicy." Miles flicked his tongue out briefly to make a comedic point.

When Cody brought up the older girl, Brandy, Miles' brain went into perfect segue mode. As the older Dean Brother gave words of encouragement and offered Cody to take his place in the free shower first; Miles opened up his locker to pull out his towel and searched for his phone from the pockets of his bag.

“Hey Cody, I’m thinking of moving on from Stacy soon. She’s hot, but her dad doesn’t own anything.” Miles chuckled at his brand of rich people humor before continuing on.

“I’m kidding. Turns out she’s a little more prudish than I expected, but I stuck around because of her mom. Here, check this out,” Miles said as he flipped through the pictures on his phone to a candid photo of Stacy’s hot mom in a two piece and then showed it to Cody.

Kyran turned his attention back to his brother; despite his curiosity in seeing a few of his teammates start to gather around to look at something on Miles' phone.

"Hey Kyran. Me and some of the other guys are heading over to the Around the Clock Diner, afterwards to hang out and celebrate, kind of. You want to come with?"

At first Kyran wanted to say no. He really didn't enjoy hanging out with the other guys on the team all that much. He'd just be over there sitting on the far corner, in silence and practically invisible again, just like all the other times. He didn't really like to join in their conversations about, girls, sex-capades, parties and what not either.

Maybe it was Eli's expression of pride after seeing Kyran make those catches and touchdowns, but he just couldn't say no to his older brother's offer and risk hurting his feelings, if he did care.

"Sure," Kyran said with some form of a smile.

"Awesome, man. Hell, after that great game, I'll buy you several rounds of... orange soda," Eli said with a laugh and a pat to Kyran's back. To that, Kyran smiled more genuinely and laughed a little along with Eli at the joke about Kyran's guilty pleasure drink of choice.

"Well anyway Kyran, since Patton's not going in, you can take the shower before me. Go ahead."

Kyran nodded at Eli, taking his towel with him as he headed to the free shower stall. He closed his eyes when the water fell onto his face, as he took a nice cold shower.
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)