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Arthur had said he was outside to get away from things and Yaz knew enough about talking to people to not ask what those things were. He would've said if he wanted anyone to know specifically. He didn't really acknowledge Yaz beyond that anyway which she thought was slightly rude but then he had answered her question. But then again he had walked over interrupted the conversation and then started up a new one while practically ignoring her. Yaz pushed the thoughts from her mind though. They weren't healthy for her.

He had his sketchbook with him though and that piqued Yaz's interest. She found it interesting to look at what others drew because everyone had their own style and techniques. Yaz liked to see different styles and techniques because then she could experiment with that technique or style and see if she enjoyed using it and if it worked with the type of pictures she drew. If they did then she would continue to adapt and refine them until they blended seamlessly with her own personal style. If not she could chalk it up to a learning experience and carry on as if nothing had happened, so essentially it was a win-win for her.

Arthur was talking to Rachael as Yaz came back to reality but it was only about her story and it was all stuff she knew already, so she hadn't missed anything. The he offered to draw something from the story for her. Yaz hadn't thought of offering to do that but then again she doubted that Lady Rhiannon was freakishly tall. So it was probably for the best; unless of course she was freakishly tall, in which case Yaz's style would probably suit the picture better. She shook her head a little to bring herself back to reality and adjusted her headband where it dipped over one of her eyes.

"It can't hurt to ask." She muttered to herself before actually addressing Arthur.

"What else have you drawn?" She asked picking up her own sketchbook again, in case he wanted to see her drawings. But she couldn't help a small smile subconsciously forming due to the fact that she had managed to ask a question without stopping because of nerves.
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