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MK Kilmarnock
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Miles could be kind of a damper on things sometimes, but damn did he have a good idea every once in a while. Cody felt that smirk, the one that he got when a plan ran through his head, cross his face when Miles mentioned putting the ribs to Ethan. Without voicing any intentions (just in case Ethan happened to snap out of his little post-game snooze), Cody shifted to the edge of the bench, leaned over and snatched the folded extra change of clothes belonging to the sleeping boy.

"Uh... hottest girl, huh?" Cody said off-hand once he had pulled back to his previous position, turning himself around on the bench to face the lockers. His eyes scoured the identical metal boxes, looking for the one that Ethan might search last. "Lana's pretty hot. I like a girl with muscle on her, plus she just strikes me as spicy as fuck. Mara's okay, too." Cody opened one of the lockers. "Then there's Veronica, except she's kind of a spaz, probably wouldn't date her beyond a hook-up. There's a few seniors too, like that girl in Connor's class... uh... Brandy?"

After the boy was done stuffing Ethan's shit into a locker and slamming the door, he turned to face Eli and the words of encouragement offered to him. "Thanks, man! Shiiiiiit, feels good after a win..." Cody stood up to stretch, hoping it wouldn't be fucking midnight before he got a shower.
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)