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Miles smirked when Cody's palm connected with his. Although he hadn't always gotten along with the guy, they were good friends now.

When they first met freshmen year, Miles didn't think very highly of Cody; he was poor, swore and had a trashy sister. Eventually, throughout the school years Miles discovered that despite their socioeconomic standing and upbringing, they were quite similar. Both were alpha type males with a knack for socializing with and befriending other people, or at least the people who were cool and mattered. They shared and hung out in the same social-circles, had the nearly the same classes, and bonded through the team. In the end, Miles grew to like and respect Cody as one of his best friends.

As for the “poor” thing; Miles had more than enough to make up for that, so no problem.

Cody swore proudly in response about playing the game, before asking about their teammates, Michael Whaley and Adonis Alba. Miles always found it funny how he was able to adjust the way he spoke and behaved around different people, but still couldn’t bring himself to use the same kind of language as Cody just did. Sure, it was easy to use common vernacular such as “sup,” instead of the more formal “hello,” but swearing always felt so vulgar, most likely because his parents taught him such. He didn’t care if his friends swore though, as long as his father and mother weren’t around.

“Hah! Yeah, I saw Ethan knocked out cold again, too. Want to hide his extra change of clothes this time?” Miles suggested with a small laugh, before continuing on to answer Cody’s questions.

“Some of the other guys are outside the locker room, talking with the cheerleaders while they wait for the showers to free up. Mike and Alba might be out there too. I heard Lomelli might’ve called Adonis over for a little talk, but don’t quote me on that. I wouldn’t be surprised though, you know how he’s been lately.”

Miles stopped as he thought about the cheerleader part of his answer. There were a bunch of attractive girls in school to balance out the ugly ones like Sasquatch Mallory. There was Cassidy Kant, Emily Nakoa and his current trophy girlfriend, Stacy Ramsey, on the cheerleading squad alone.

“Hey Cody, who do you think are the hottest girls in our school?”

“You okay, Kyran?”

Kyran looked up to see his older brother, Elijah Dean standing near, still in his pads and helmet under his arm, staring at him questioningly. He froze for a minute, caught off guard by his brother’s inquiry, as he assumed, being a senior quarterback, Eli would be in the showers by now.

“Those were some pretty nasty hits you took, bro. Just making sure you’re alright and not too banged up again. Man, you always get hurt!” Eli laughed and slapped Kyran on the shoulder, to which Kyran flinched a little. If there was ever anybody who could read him well, it was his brothers.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Kyran tried to say in his most convincing voice. Eli however, didn’t seem to buy it, as Kyran watched his brother’s face turn concerned, yet still remaining calm and friendly. Eli looked at Kyran knowingly for a moment before sitting down on the bench next to him. He repeated his earlier question with a slight rephrasal.

“Something wrong, Kyran?”
“Negative,” he answered near punctual in his statement. “I’m fine.”

Eli nodded at Kyran, but before he could say anything else, one of the other seniors called for Eli, yelling that there was a shower open for him.

“Shut up man, I’m talking to my brother! Wait okay?”

Kyran sat silently and waited for his brother to turn around and finish talking, when he heard someone mention something about hottest girls in school. For a moment he was glad Eli decided to talk to him instead of getting involved in another conversation like that with the rest of the guys. He already had to deal with the awkwardness of talking about that sort of thing with his father whenever they were at Centennial Park, especially when girls from his school would say hi to him. Typical dad.

Coincidentally Eli spoke up again, mentioning their dad being there on the bleachers watching the game.

“Dad was out there watching that last quarter, too. I was talking with him before I came in. He said he’s proud of you bro. That was a nice play between you and Patton there. Perfect pass, perfect catch. Heck, I’m pretty proud of you myself. Keep it up,” he said with a smile.

“Good job out there Patton! Have yourself a shower,” Eli turned around and called out to Cody, who Kyran noticed was stripped down to his underwear now. He looked away.
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)