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Eliza seemed trapped, the same way a wild animal would be if their leg had been stuck in a bear trap. Her voice stammered, and she slowly backed off. She heard Finn ask what she was doing, but it was obvious.

It worked. Eliza was now leaving.

And just like how she entered, she exited just as quickly.

Miranda couldn't help but frown a little bit as she watched Eliza leave. Well then. Normally she'd consider this a victory, but Frank's words had stuck with her.

For a second, she just stared at the exit, like some soldier.

She heard Finn say something, and she snapped out of it.

"Oh. I'm... kind of done with Runway. There's nothing really striking my inspiration." Her voice seemed far off, as if in thought. Her finger touched her chin.

It was nice of Finn to come back. But part of her wondered if it was for appearance's sake, rather than... she didn't know. Perhaps it was just what Frank had poisoned her mind with just now, like a weed's seed swiftly growing and developing. Maybe she was just being paranoid again. But it still made her wonder why exactly he came in again.

He explained, though, saying that it was simply getting boring and that everyone else had run off.

She fished for her phone, wondering if she should text the other girls to let them know that Frank and Eliza had left, and that she really managed to irk him.

"Well, wanna go get something? You know, like... food", she said as she gazed at the phone's screen.

Miranda was still a little jarred by Frank's rant, but she was doing fine. She was sure of it!

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