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Ah, about time somebody else showed up. It looked like most of the Juniors were finally pouring in after such a long delay, probably thanks to cleaning up the bench or something. Cody realized he must have skipped out on that and walked in with all the Seniors. One part of him counted himself lucky, another part of him realized that Coach was probably gonna give him hell for not helping with towels and shit.

Now that the showers had been running for a good amount of time, steam was starting to accumulate on the interior side of the locker room. Heat flowed out through the narrow hallway over the benches, giving some relief to Cody now that it wasn't so goddamn cold without all of his padding and clothing. He took a breath to soak it all in... not just the welcome heat, of course, but the game's final events that had just transpired. A perfect pass down the left side of the field. A perfect catch. A follow-up tackle, but it didn't matter; they were ahead at that point, comfortably so in the last quarter, which was why the juniors had such a heavy presence at that point anyway. Still, it was the perfect pass and a perfect catch, good for first down had it occurred at any other point in the game. Nothing psyched him more than the possibility of taking the team to victory next year.

A loud shout of 'Sup man!?' shook Cody from his little Remember the Titans dream. He looked over post shock and was greeted with Miles, so no sooner than Cody saw him, he put a smile on his face. "Fuck yeah. Underclassmen cleanup crew, that's us," Cody laughed and brought his hand up to connect. "Can't wait 'til we're the starters."

Now that things were a bit more lively, Cody stood up and began putting his things in a pile, stripping down to underwear so he could snipe a spot in the first shower that opened up. "Where's Mike and Alba? They in yet?" He asked over his shoulder. "Ethan got here before I did, fucker's passed out already."
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)