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[[OOC: Alright, sorry for the long wait. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be really, very active from now on.]]

[[Kyran Dean Continued From: Little Talks.]]

It had been a competitive game against one of the toughest schools in their division, but somehow, someway the Aurora Pelicans managed to prevail in one of the most satisfying victories yet. The team had been on a roll lately and the recent win pushed the team's confidence over a new level. Nearly everyone on the team was visibly ecstatic, congratulating and celebrating quite happily throughout the locker room. There was no doubt that someone like Steven Salazar, was already on their way forming an article for the school paper.

Kyran in contrast, sat quietly on one of the benches, out of the way from most of the others and out of mind, as to stay under the radar and not get too much attention on himself. Being quite reserved, he didn't really know how to respond to attention if people were going to compliment him or anything like that nor did he have the temperament to loudly celebrate.

Even though he didn't show it; Kyran too was very pleased with the victory, happy they'd won just as much as the next guy. Coach let him and many of the underclassmen take the field during the last quarter of the game where he finally had a chance to really play and show some of his skill. He was quite sure, some of the other guys, like Ethan Johnson and Cody Patton were equally pleased to have their abilities showcased, which could maybe open up some more trust for them to play on the field with the seniors, more often. Still, despite the good game, Kyran remained quiet and to himself.

From his bench, the wide-receiver slowly removed his gear one by one from his sore and irriguous body. It was the usual of course, just like with every game he got hurt. This time, there were bruises on his obliques and a bit of a pained feeling on his upper abs, probably received after he was tackled and pulled down awkwardly to the turf, while catching the football. He didn't mind though, Kyran was quite used to getting hurt for what seemed like all the time, ever since he was a little kid. He just had pretty bad luck with that stuff he guessed.

His body wasn't really built for the sport that well either, as he was more on the leaner side compared to the more muscular players. In fact, just a little more than a year ago, he was practically a shrimp compared to these guys. Puberty came pretty late for him, but luckily when it did; it came by in one massive growth spurt, so at least he had some height now.

He looked around, observing the other guys. Most were socializing with each other, each with differing topics, including but not limited to the recent game win and upcoming games, along with a majority of other topics which didn't interest him. Apparently Adonis was being a cocky tool-bag again, but as long as the guy continued to be a strong player and didn't bother him, Kyran was fine with having the guy on the team. He just needed to learn a little class.

Some of the guys were horse-playing around half-naked, in their athletic shorts or football girdles. Several of them were whipping towels at each other, for laughs. During all this commotion, Ethan Johnson was able to nap through it all, somehow. Of course there were other guys, such as Cody, merely changing out of their uniforms, cooling down on the benches, waiting for their turns to shower too.

For a moment, Kyran caught his own eyes lingering a little too long again. He quickly turned his attention down to the football helmet and jersey in front of him. Kyran kept his head down, doing his best to avoid the awkwardness of looking like he was staring at another teen guy's half-naked body. As Kyran waited in silence in front of the rotating fan, he could feel the heat build from behind his own ears.

Miles Strickland - (Memories Thread #1 - Pre "It was Just a Drink" timeline wise.)

"Ugh. Smells like poor people."

It had been two years of being here after coming from a private school, but the one thing Miles Strickland still couldn't get used to was the wretched smell from within the football team locker room at Aurora High. Sure, after a while of being inside, the nose would adjust itself to tolerate it, but the maintenance could be better as the place didn't look like it was cleaned that often. It was never like this at the academy.

Still, Miles walked with a smile. They had just won a big game, which was awesome for the team's reputation and by association, his reputation around school. He didn't really like the sport as much as soccer, but the perks were definitely befitting. The best part was that he was used specifically as a field goal kicker, and didn't really work up too much of a sweat compared to the rest of them. He even had some time to finally shine in a varsity game. The senior kicker was out injured and thus, Miles was used as designated kicker. It was his lucky night too as every kick he made, scored and he was quite satisfied with that.

Of course, the showers were taken by the seniors, so unfortunately he had to wait a while to clean off the filth from his body. In the meantime, Miles disrobed from the clunky football gear into his more comfortable, athletic shorts, in red-orange color. He strutted shirtless and barefoot around the locker room for a bit, socializing with his friends and team-mates, while trying his best to (as much as he hated to admit, some of his fellow footballers were) avoid the stupid.

Each time, Miles congratulated the guys on a good game, with a pat on the back, or a handshake, unless they were really filthy and gross smelling, then he'd just nod instead. Miles chuckled when he saw Ethan Johnson actually sleeping on the bench again, after knowing what happened the last time.

Even Adonis' stupidity wasn't going to ruin his good mood. The guy was a decent player, but with an ego bigger than Miles' own. Luckily, Adonis didn't bother him and outwardly Miles got along with the guy. Adonis was a friend of Cody after all and Cody was probably one of Miles' best friends on the team. Speaking of Cody, Miles spotted him sitting on a bench opposite from wide-receiver, Kyran Dean in the room, changing out and waiting. Miles was about to approach Dean with another congratulatory pat, but stopped when the senior Dean, Eli, went over to talk to his younger brother first.

Miles shrugged his shoulders and went over to his pal Cody instead from behind, putting a hand on each shoulder, in an attempt to play around with the guy.

"Sup man!" Miles said loudly, with a squeeze and shake followed by a laugh before letting go and extending a hand to slap his friends’ hand.

"Fantastic game out there, Cody. Coach Sheldon, was cool letting the underclassman play that fourth quarter."
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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)