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Name: Douglas MacAllister
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Speech and Debate, Boxing, Soccer Team

Appearance: At 6' 1, and 164 pounds, Douglas is on the taller side of the class average. However, the most striking feature of his appearance is his short copper-coloured hair, neatly combed out of his face. He has dark green eyes above an aquiline nose and mouth with thin lips. His combined Scottish and Irish heritage shows through the colour of his hair and his pale, easily sunburned skin.

He prefers to dress fairly formally, generally wearing black or grey dress pants and a button-down shirt. On the day of the abduction, he was dressed a little more casually than usual. He was wearing a blue, short-sleeved polo shirt, beige cargo shorts and black sneakers. In his bag, he had packed a black jacket and a pair of brown leather gloves in case of cold weather.

Biography: Douglas MacAllister was born on January 17, 1994 to Robert and Ann MacAllister. Robert, as a high ranking executive of a corporation, was unable to spend much time with his family due to his duties at work. As a child, Douglas did not see his much of his father. He spent most of his time with his mother, who had taken a few years off of her job as a lawyer shortly after Douglas was born. He and his mother became very close, but there was always a distance between Douglas and his father due to their lack of time spent together.

As a young child, Douglas was a cheerful, if slightly anxious child. His precocious intelligence resulted in high expectations for him, from both his parents and teachers. He always tried his best in school, not wanting to disappoint those around him. Most of all, he wanted to impress his father, who never seemed to want to get involved in his life.

As he entered middle school, he began to devote most of his time to schoolwork. Although he received excellent grades, all he received was the occasional compliment from his father. After a little coaxing, his mother revealed to him that his father had been an avid boxer during his youth. Douglas immediately got his mother to sign him up for boxing lessons at his local YMCA. Although he was far from the best boxer in his area, he managed to make a decent performance once he started to box competitively. To his delight, his father actually managed to show up to several of his matches.

As he entered high school, Douglas' father began to become a little more involved in his life, perhaps due to regret over not spending much time with him when he was younger. Unfortunately, he did not really understand Douglas' interests and ended up pushing him into subjects and clubs that he felt would he more useful to him later in life. Douglas did not stick with many of the extra-curricular activities that his father chose, he managed to make friends on both the speech and debate team as well as the soccer team,  causing him to stay with those groups.

Douglas performs decently in school, and while his grades are only slight higher than average, his family's money would allow him to any college that he wants to. He has a strong interest in law and hopes to go to law school after he graduates. As such, his favourite classes at school are law and English, which he does slightly better in than the rest of his courses. He generally spends an hour or two a day training for his boxing matches, although he may miss a day or two once in a while due to homework. At the moment, he only competes at the amateur level, but he occasionally daydreams about competing professionally. Although he recognized that he is nowhere near skilled enough to box on that level, he enjoys imagining what it would be like.

Although Douglas has few friends at school, he makes an effort to be familiar with many of the children of his father's colleagues. Although he doesn't enjoy the company of some of them, he spends time with them in order to not embarrass his father. Throughout his life, his parents carefully monitored the friends that he made, in order to shield him from "bad influences", or anyone who behaved in a way that irritated his parents. This shut him off from a great many potential friends, due to his parents' dislike of loud and rambunctious behavior. Unfortunately, most of these children were other rich children, far removed from the personalities of the students at Aurora. Because of this, he often trouble relating to his classmates. Although this troubles him somewhat, he doesn't feel very lonely due to his friendships outside of school, which he generally has little trouble making as long as his parents approve of them.

Advantages: Douglas is fairly athletic, and his boxing experience may aid him in hand to hand combat.
Disadvantages: He doesn't have many friends at Aurora, which could hinder his chances of making allies on the island.
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