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""You know, Lizzie, on second thought, you two are perfect together. Maybe the wedding reception can be one of those backy-vomit parties. He's a keeper, you know."

If there was one thing that Eliza could not grasp at the moment - but caused her to shudder anyway - it was the fact that Miranda was...almost dead on with that comment.

There was something Eliza actually liked about Cisco Lanza. And it wasn't just the fact that they could often be found in the same tattoo parlor together. The man wasn't afraid to spew - words, that was. If he actually did spew, well...perhaps she could muster up the will to try emetophilia. But that was besides the point. With the Girls, well, they were friends. And great ones for venting out her hatred for the rest of society at.

Cisco was a friend. A new one at least. Maybe he'd turn out to be a great spew-sparring partner or some shit. In any case, she'd have to figure out what he was later on.

In the meantime, Eliza had plenty well enough of Runway.

"And I'll be sure to send you an invitation," she stammered, biting her lip and trying to keep a weary glance as she started to back out, throwing a glance to the side in case she bumped anything despite every urge to do so just to spite the happy fucking couple.

Game, set, match, Miranda.

Her wings pretty much clipped, Eliza backed slowly out of Runway, and once past the doorway turned tail and made in what she figured was Cisco Lanza's last known direction, hoping she didn't hear what Finn and Miranda had to say back. She dropped the smile like the most expensive outfit gone out of season, putting on a good old fashioned punk scowl with her jaw clenched tight.

Truth be told, she probably couldn't have been more relieved for being spared a protracted humiliation. But having barely been able to hold her own against Miranda at best probably said more to some desire of some sort than the usual clique wars.

Almost, perhaps, that she envied Miranda.

((Eliza Patton continued in Dust to Dust in the Wind, Et Cetera and elsewhere))
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