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Yaz listened to Rachael's response and found that she had a similar thought process when it came to what she said. She was starting to enjoy talking to Rachael more as well, which was always a bonus. She nodded as Rachael spoke and smiled when she had finished speaking. It was almost like hearing someone say exactly what Yaz did. Whether that was weird or not Yaz had yet to decide. In any case she understood what Rachael was saying exactly. "No I get what you're saying." Yaz said with a reassuring grin. "Mainly because I'm the exact same way."

Then a voice addressing her directly rang out across the campus making her jump. "Jesus!" Yaz turned to see Arthur Wells standing a little way behind her. She had art class with Arthur but she hadn't spoken to him too much. She was friendly with him but Yaz didn't talk to many people during her art classes, she mainly just put her ear buds in and got lost in her work. She'd speak to her close friends but that was about it since Yaz's true passion was art and when she was truly focused on her piece it was very hard to snap her out of it.

"Hey Arthur." Yaz said with a friendly smile. "What're you doing out here?"
Forrest Quin - At the Zoo
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