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I'm on my iPod, so I can't do links without a huge hassle, but the songs I piled are relatively popular anyway.

Cassidy Kant: "Allstar"- Smashmouth
Fits her very optimistic views on everything, and very upbeat

Jaquilyn Locke: "The Anthem" - Good Charlotte
She's not crazy about most authority figures.

Joey Polpetta: "Pretty Boy Swag" - Soulja Boy
He thinks very highly of himself. Kind of a tool, but undeniably fun.
It's kiss or kill and shoot to thrill when you do what you do.
I would not die for anyone, but I would kill for you.

G009 Cassidy Kant
A contestant, a seeker, an abstainer, a klutz, a case of survivor guilt, a repenter, a star crossed lover, a star crossed lover, a damsel in distress, a hot mess, an inspired dreamer, an unwanted ally, a pawn
B034 Joey Caputo
A scout, a follower, a tracker, a rebel without a cause, a slaughtered guinea pig
G017 Jaquilyn Locke
A victim, a survivor, a team player, a doubter, a hunter, a person, a schemer, an instructor, a nomad, a deserter, a self-appointed savior, a repenter, a failure, a hypocrite's scapegoat

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