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Every time Yaz got involved in a conversation she always managed to say something stupid or maybe she was just worrying too much about what she said to people and how they'd react. Yaz didn't really know herself, but she did tend to think about what she was saying and consider how people would react.

Yaz was brought back to reality when Rachael asked her if she was alright. "Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine." She gave a small smile. "Sorry I tend to think too much about what I say. Do you ever do that?"

Yaz wondered if it would help if she talked to someone about the habit she had. Not that it was all bad. But over thinking what she said; especially in regards to wondering what people thought her probably wasn't the healthiest thing for her mentally. Taking into account how much Yaz worried about what she said especially. So talking to Rachael about it may be for the best, because she seemed friendly at least.
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