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Can you hear me?
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Boning Jacob?

Well, that was a new one. Didn't know she was into werewolves. No no. Not at all. But seriously, was that a come back? She guessed it was, judging by the mention of Edward Cullen being outside with the rest of the harem.

But oh boy. Did that send Frank off.

It was kind of what she was hoping for, actually. She had realized it would set him off, so she said it. Simple as that. But it had become more... "effective" than she had intended.

He stormed right up to her, and vomited a bunch of obscenities. Miranda tried to continue smiling throughout the whole thing, but it was hard.

Being called a harlot who only thought with her pussy? Not a big deal. Getting called an overpriced cunt? Bad, but not horrible. But imply that her friends weren't real?


Oh fuck you. No seriously, fuck you.

That one hit more than it should have, especially since they did run off. But dear god. Say that again, Frank. She dared him. Dared. Him. Seriously, just... gah.

Miranda felt her teeth clench inside her barely remaining smile. Whatever. He was leaving anyways. Presumably Eliza was coming with. Oh good! Maybe they can do whatever! She felt like ripping off his head. Just... why?

As Frank left, Finn showed back up. He gave Eliza a further taunting, joking about how Frank left. Miranda felt her smile become a bit more genuine. Well, she could count on Finn, at least.

"You know, Lizzie, on second thought, you two are perfect together. Maybe the wedding reception can be one of those backy-vomit parties. He's a keeper, you know."

She could barely get that out. Just... she was still rather miffed about what Frank said.

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