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((OOC: Elaborated on the last post))

Whilst Finn continued to wait for Miranda, a thunderous roar came from inside Runway. He peered around the door to see where the commotion was coming from. The shouting was coming from Frank. Finn grunted as a disappointed look crept across his face; it looked like Finn had left just as things had gotten good.

Frank was heading towards the exit and Finn jolted back to his original position as he watched Frank pass him. Finn smiled to himself. He poked his head back around the door to see what else was happening. Miranda and Eliza were all that was left. He knew he shouldn’t have left Miranda on her own with them, and Finn was going to attempt to redeem himself. He shone a malicious smile as he swung his body through the door into Runway.

The malevolent smile stayed on Finn’s face as he approached Miranda and Eliza.

“Well well well Eliza, look who’s all on her own now. I guess your knight in shining armour wasn’t all what he was cracked up to be; after all it was only a little comment from a harmless girl that set him off. Maybe she hit a raw nerve?”
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