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She did not just say that. Frank stopped on his tracks, while he was about to leave. Damned fashionable tramp had found out how to attack and piss off him. Furthermore, Eliza staggered upon that last poisoned comment.

It was just too much.

To hell with it! He thought as he clenched his fists and turned to face Miranda Millers once more, closing the distance between the two in a blatant display of hostility.

“Shut your filthy trap, you overpriced lousy cunt!” He exploded, raising his voice. “Just because you think with your pussy doesn’t mean everyone does. Liz stuck her neck for me when she had no need to, and I am going to reward her camaraderie. Yes, camaraderie. What’s supposed to go on between people who are acquaintances to a degree. Of course you would never know what it is, knowing your taste in friends. “

He stopped briefly, catching his breath. But his outburst had been far from over. “Charisma, cool fashion clothes, beauty. That isn’t worth shit when your so called friends run away at the first sight of trouble. So snarl, bitch. Snarl all you want. I got what I wanted from here. And you’re all alone without your royal court of asslickers. ”

He then turned towards the exit, his sight resting on Liz. “Let’s go Liz. It isn’t worth wasting more time, and I feel increasingly tempted to strangle that harlot with her own purse.”

((Frank Reyes continued elsewhere))
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