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Rachael didn't have much of a reaction to the picture which was fine with Yaz. It meant that she didn't have to explain what the picture meant to her or why she drew the pictures she drew. It was something Yaz didn't like explaining to people she wasn't comfortable with and even then she rarely explained it to people anyway. It was a subject Yaz didn't especially like talking about with anyone but sometimes she had too and she was glad it wasn't one of those times.

Rachael then started asking questions about Yaz's photography and it would have been impolite to leave them unanswered.

"Yeah it's for art magazines and stuff like that. I had one photo published earlier this year but none since then, which is sucky."

It for Yaz to talk about something she liked to do with no strings attached. Photography was like drawing for her but without the negative feelings...did she just say 'sucky'? There Yaz was having a regular conversation and then she had to ruin it. Yaz felt her cheeks start to go red and she held a hand over her face.

"Nice one." She muttered to herself.
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