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Yaz wasn't aware that Rachael wrote stories and sent them to magazines. It seemed very similar to what Yaz did with photography magazines. Rachael seemed pretty confident with the story she was currently writing. Yaz thought story sounded interesting. Although she was more interested in drawing and photography Yaz did like to read if a book caught her eye but she couldn't exactly judge the quality of them. Yaz did sometimes read comics if that counted, but that was few and far between.

Then Rachael asked what Yaz was drawing and that was where it always got awkward for Yaz. She found it hard to explain to people why she was always drawing monsters since that was personal to her. She was also aware that it was awkward for people to hear why since it was linked to when she was bullied about her height when she was younger. It was the main reason why all her drawings of creatures had weird proportions and were all really tall and Yaz didn't like explaining that to people. She flipped the sketchbook back to what she'd been drawing and showed it to Rachael.

"It isn't finished but it's going to be a monster in some woods. I was just trying to figure out how to shade it." Yaz flipped through the rest of her sketchbook to give Rachael an idea of what else she drew. "I also take pictures and send them to magazines and stuff. Kinda like you do with your stories." Yaz had no idea why she had added the bit about her photography but know she had said it she just had to wait for Rachael's reaction.
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