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"No problem." Yaz replied.

Rachael seemed to be alright with her ideas for kingdom names; she'd said that she'd need to assign names to people and then she'd gone back to typing. Yaz had gone back to working on her piece and was looking intently at the creature occupying a large space slightly to the right of the centre. She had been engrossed in the piece before Rachael had asked for help and now Yaz couldn't get her concentration back. She had been thinking of a specific way to shade it so that it popped out more than the rest of the picture but she had forgotten what that way was.

Yaz could still here the sound of Rachael typing and peeked over to see that Rachael was immersed in the story she was writing. She didn't exactly know what Rachael was writing but Yaz was finding that she couldn't regain her focus on the piece she'd been working on. She flipped back through the sketchbook to see if she could find inspiration from any past pieces but apart from finding out that she'd drawn a knight with spikes all over their armour which she couldn't remember there was nothing to help her with what she was currently working on.

Yaz sighed and looked over at Rachael again she didn't seem to be having the same problems and Yaz was getting increasingly curious as to what she was actually writing. Yaz carefully set her sketchbook down next to her before starting to speak.

"What..." Yaz couldn't even believe herself sometimes. "What are you writing?" She asked nervously.
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