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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Yasmin seemed a bit uncertain about names. Rachael was okay with that. Not everyone could get deep into a fantasy mindset, especially with how limitless fantasy could get at times. Coming up with a name from scratch could be difficult for some.

How about...Runedara? Maybe Yundrasa? Sorry if they aren't very good.

"Uh, no, it's fine. Those will work perfectly," Rachael responded, typing into her laptop.

"So, where did you get the knife from? Runedara? Yundrasa? Any of them would love to have me out of the way."

"Yeah, I can work with these. I just need names to assign people to," she said aloud, "like the King of Runedara and such. Thanks."

I better be sure to ask her for help if I need it. These names aren't like Rhiannos Wood, but they can suggest foreign countries that might want Lady Rhiannon's land. So in which case, the King of Runedara would probably be her next suspect, then I guess the Lady of Yundrasa. Yeah, this will work. This will work for the narrative. Three figures, three kingdoms to suspect, three people to declare war against.
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