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Rachael had greeted her and then gone back to typing on her laptop. So Yaz just sat down cross-legged on the bench within the gazebo and rested her sketchbook on her lap. She flipped through some of the pages until she reached the picture she wanted to work on. It was currently just some basic outlines that she wanted to add to and then shade. She thought it was kind of rude for Rachael to go straight back to listening to her music and typing. But then she had said "Hi" and Yaz wasn't exactly amazing at conversations anyway so it wasn't all bad. Just in case though she put her right ear bud in so that if Rachael did decide to talk to her, she'd be able to hear her.

The picture she was currently drawing was of some creature climbing a tree in some kind of twisted forest. Yaz had a distinctive style to her drawings where the limbs of a creature would seem to be elongated and the one she was drawing had really long arms which she'd only just noticed. She shrugged and started to shade in the tree it was climbing up. She didn't exactly know what texture she wanted the creature to have so she was going to shade it last so that she had more time to get an idea or decide how she wanted it to look. Yaz liked her pieces to have a specific feel and she tended to be very specific with the details of whatever she was drawing.

Just as she was getting engrossed in the piece however she heard a voice addressing her.

"Excuse me. Excuse me. If you could build your own fictional kingdom, what would you call it?"

That caught Yaz off guard and she froze.

"I don't know much about fantasy." Yaz muttered to herself before turning to Rachael and giving her a nervous smile. "Ummm, I have no ideas." She muttered again before shaking her head. "How about...Runedara? Maybe Yundrasa?" Yaz rubbed her headband. "Sorry if they aren't very good." She said apologetically.

Yaz didn't know how Rachael would react to her ideas but she seemed to be fairly similar to her when it came to conversations. So if she didn't like her ideas she might not say so. Not that Yaz minded, she didn't exactly consider herself to be very good at conversation anyway, let alone with someone she only knew the name of. She tended to keep her sentences short if she was talking to someone she didn't know very well. It was her own way of protection she had developed. It meant she could see how the other person acted and whether they were actually a nice person to talk too. Right now it seemed that Rachael was a person Yaz would be able to talk to.
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