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Yaz took her headband off and wiped the sweat that was forming under it off her forehead as she made her way across the campus. It was a really humid day and she was hot even though she was only wearing a black tank top and a pair of tight fitting jeans. It wasn't like the clothes she had got any thinner either. So she was stuck with what she had on.

Yaz had managed to find a gazebo that seemed empty and she was making her way towards it. As she did so she opened up her bag and took her sketchbook out. Since the gazebo seemed empty it would be easy for her to just put some good time into her current drawing. She had her headphones in and was listening to Three Days Grace. Yaz always found that she worked better and was more creative whenever she listened to music.

As she walked into the gazebo however she saw that there was actually someone in the gazebo already. Yaz froze momentarily. She recognised the person as Rachael but she couldn't remember her surname. Luckily for Yaz Rachael was also listening to music and had yet to notice her. Yaz pulled her headphones out and said a greeting.

She then stood there awkwardly. Rachael must have had her music on louder than Yaz had thought since it didn't look like she had heard her. Yaz didn't want to interrupt Rachael because she seemed to be concentrating, but at the same time she didn't want to just sit down because that would be weird for Rachael. One minute she was on her own and then when she looks up someone is sitting next to her. Yaz didn't want that to happen to her so she didn't want to do it to Rachael so instead she opted for the simplest thing she could think of. She waved at Rachael from over the top of her laptop hoping she caught her eye so she could stop feeling so awkward.
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