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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Rhiannon looked at the knife on the table. It was quite lovely. The handle looked ornate, the wood of the handle must have been carved from a century-old tree. A diamond pattern was carved into the handle. The blade itself was crescent shaped, with small etchings on sharp end. "Servire nocte" the steel letters read.

"An old language," Rhiannon thought to herself. "What does it mean?"

Rhiannon may not have understood the language on the knife, but she knew the secret language of the knife itself. Whoever sent the blade to her made a clear statement: they were going to kill her.

Rachael looked at the text on her laptop screen. She had spent the last few weeks working on a short story she hoped to submit to a literary magazine. The story was about a noblewoman who finds a knife in her bedroom, leading her to believe an assassin is after her so her enemies can seize her lands.

Rachael still had a long way to go though. She only finally began to write the story after laboring over the details of who the woman would interrogate, what her actions result in, and what the knife was really about. But fortunately, she was in the final week of her Junior year, when classes were much more relaxed and she could spend her free time sitting in one of the Aurora High gazebos typing away on the laptop she got last Christmas.

Rachael grabbed the bottled green tea next to her and took a sip. It was pretty hot today. She wore a light shirt and pants, but the humidity was starting to get to her. She had plenty of time before the next class period (where she would most likely just keep working on the story, but hopefully near an outlet for her laptop), so she decided to keep writing.

Okay, time to begin the interrogations. First, Sir Waldo of Rhiannos Wood.

She picked up her mp3 player and flipped to a song from Wicked. She started typing on her laptop and watched as the document filled with her story.
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