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Ethan sighed as he watched the last of the Seniors enter into the showers. He understood why they had priority, and he was looking forward to when he could have first dibs on the shower, but that joy would have to wait until next year. To keep himself amused while he waited for the rest of his team to file on in, Ethan began to examine his body for any bruises from the game. Due to the intensity of the game that had just won there was bound to be some nice ones, and he was not disappointed. He had a couple nice ones from the few plays where he really contributed but aside from that he was more or less in one piece.

Letting out a loud yawn Ethan vigorously shook his head to keep himself awake. A combination of fatigue from the game and a late night due to homework meant that his body was ready to take a quick nap hear and now, and while he would trust his teammates with his life, he trusted them as far as he could throw them not to mess with him. He had already made a similar mistake earlier this season and he would prefer not to wake up and find his entire body covered in marker drawings and tape. Unfortunately this would not be the case for as he heard one of the rookies bitch about Adonis Ethan, sitting down on the bench fell asleep.

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The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks. · Memories (The Past)