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Another guy named Ethan had come along, which was fine. More people meant more fun, right? He knew he was on the football team, so that usually meant that more football players were coming. Which was cool too. Football players were usually party animals, or so R.J. was told. Joey was a football player too, or use to be anyway, so R.J. figured that this was only natural. Jaq Locke also came in, evening up the ratio yet again.

Of course, there would be more time to think about this later, as there was beer pong to be played. Mallory had dubbed her and Ruth as "Team Ambiguous Gender" which was fitting.

"Yep. Androgyny, all day every day."

Of course now that Ethan was here, R.J. had wondered if "Team Dented Noses" was a better pair. He then realized that was mean, and tried to erase it from his mind. Joey had said that Mallory was up first.

"Don't worry, Mal. If you miss, I'll take the first drink."

Besides trying to be nice, R.J. actually was pretty thirsty, since he had been munching on some Jalapéno-flavored chips, which were better than he thought they would be.
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