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(OOC: I'm not really expecting us to RP every shot or reaction to the shot, and were probably gonna elapse time a bit, so don't feel like you have to focus on the game.)

"Heya Ethan, what's up? We were just starting a little pong, if you wanna Celebrity Shot lemme know, drinks are over there, and food over there! If Claire here ends up being a lousy shot you n' me can take winners!"

Anxious about playing, he turned his attention back to the table, politely tossing Mallory the ball.

"Start us of, Lemons!"

The bag had been moved to the mixer table. It looked slightly less out of place next to the diet coke.

He was impressed with himself that, not even a half hour into party time, a few people had showed up already. And Ethan's presence suggested some more footballs kids would be arriving soon, which was good. The current mix of kids were social enough, but definitely a seemingly random handful.

Whatever, parties are for 3 things. Meeting people, meeting girls, and... Uhh... Well... Partying?

He convinced himself it sounded cool, and waiting for the next thing to happen.

He didn't have to wait long. Jaq Locke entered right behind Ethan, who the door hadn't even shut behind quite yet.

She smiled seeing everything set up, making sure to smile especially big at Ethan, the cutest of the current male pool.

"Sorry I'm late, but I didn't want to be on time."

(let's try to get more people before going on too much, otherwise I feel like it's gonna be super slow.)
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