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Mallory nodded at Claire's explanation of how to remember her name until she got to the 'judging by souls' part. That confused her a little. "But I can't see your soul so how can I guess your name from it?"

And then it was switched to beer pong. Drinking games so quickly? They'd have no coordination for the ping-pong playing part soon enough.

Though if the aim of the game was to, in fact, get drunk then wizard staffs would do much better. Mallory had once walked in on her big brother and his friend sword-fighting with 'staffs' that were basically beer cans taped together. It seemed efficient.

R.J suggested that they mix things up, so the teams were her and R.J vs. Joey and Claire. That works.

"Yeah, I'm cool with that. Team Ambiguous Gender, hurrah!" Mallory stretched and jumped up and down a bit, much like she would before soccer or football. She didn't want to get drunk too fast.

Then there was a knocking at the door, followed by a guy called Ethan asking to be let in. "Bah, uneven numbers. Would it be three vs. two or we could make him an umpire or something, I dunno."
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