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Joey's eyebrows narrowed.

Ping pong?

They all seemed to be up for it, despite it seemingly out of place, and kinda lame. But they all had paddles now...

"Whaddya got to drink?"

Now they were getting back on track.

"Smirnoff, Kracken, Cuervo, Pinnacle Whipped, and beer. The mixers are over there if ya want."

He paused, and then grabbed a stack of cups. He'd intentionally asked his cousin to avoid red cups and Solo cups, the song was enough go make him sick. Coupled with drinking, he preferred just to avoid the possibility of a musical outburst.

"Hey since we got the stuff for it, how about we just beer pong? Standard rules, no leaning, two restacks, yadda yadda?"

Everybody seemed very passive about teams, and he didn't want to be the one to crack.

"We can do guys and girls, or we could mix it up and get to know each other."
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