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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Hey, Glasses Girl.

"You can call me Claire," Claire told Mallory, "like Claire Denis or Claire Bennett from Heroes. 'Glasses Girl' implies that I'm defined solely by my appearance. I'd much rather you judged me by my soul instead."

The doughy guy hosting the party welcomed them into the house. Claire briefly looked around and took in all of Joey's home. R.J. was going to the bathroom, while Joey was trying to invite her and Mallory into playing ping pong.

"Ping Pong sounds fun," Claire said. "I have no preference for teams."

Claire walked over to a bowl of potato chips and put a few in her mouth.

"Whaddya got to drink?" she asked Joey.
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If you ain't gettin' drunk, get the fu- · Memories (The Past)