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Jun 13 2012, 07:29 PM
I like post game victory, but if your looking for ideas, we could do prep rally preparation.
I've updated the Football Roster here, to add FB Players who were missing. Thanks for letting me know guys!

Anyway, Miles and Kyran are free for open memory threads so I can do something soon. (Prob the locker room scene with Kilmarnock and whoever else wants in *Open thread* first as it may be quicker to do.)

@LocoBro - I like your ideas. I think we can do more than one idea. Like for example, I'm thinking the post game locker room scene would be a nice short, casual thing between the boys of the football team to show some dynamics and camaraderie and it could be done quickly.

I also like your other idea to include cheerleaders (in Post Game Victory or Pep Rally), where I am really up for that. We can do that too in a different Memories thread when stuff get free later too. It's a very interesting and also slightly more complicated set-up that might do with some more planning/organization first though, as it may take a bit to play out, but yes, I do like the idea alot as well. So if you want to plan stuff, do. :)

@Everyone else: I like it all, and I'm def in with the other stuff too if I'm open.
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