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"Oh, hey guys." R.J. didn't even notice the two girls that were behind him when the brickhouse that was Joey opened the door and invited them all inside. Joey had asked if anybody else wanted to play some ping-pong , which seemed like a good way to past the time till more people came. But, business first.

"Yeah, sure, just give me a second."

R.J. placed the bag that held 3 large liters of beer, on the kitchen counter.

"Here, some Bud for my bud."

R.J. had been waiting to take a piss since he was halfway. He had been to Joey's house before, so he already knew where the bathroom was. A sigh of great relief passed through his whole body as he let nature do it's thing. He zipped back up his pants, washed his hands with soap, and was ready to roll.

"All right then, who's with who?"
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If you ain't gettin' drunk, get the fu- · Memories (The Past)