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"Aiight, Rutty's here! You got any idea of when anybody's gettin-"

There was a knock at the door, and a stocky girl soon filled the doorway. Joey remembered she was a regular in the weight room. She wasn't exactly a model, but it was better than having three dudes and no chicks. Chicks sometimes got awkward when they didn't have anybody to go to the bathroom with.

"What's up, Nice Guy?

Alright so she didn't care. Joey made a mental note of her chillness before starting to rise to greet his first guests.

A third person appeared in the doorway, which was still open. Another girl in fact.

"Wassup R.J? Hey, Mal."

Joey'd seen her before too. In fact, he'd assumed the chatter box was more of a dork until now. Always talking about something, he'd assumed she spent her free time using the Internet to learn or something. But here was Glasses, ready to party.

And she's fixing the ratio. And she's not looking half bad.

He strut up toward the door, trying to look as welcoming and hostly as possible, while still looking macho and respectable. On the way, he passed the long folding table and a pack of hollow, plastic spheres. He snatched it up I'm his meaty and made for the visitors.

"Heya guys, I'm Joey, welcome to my humble home."

He snickered at his false formality, and waited for their reactions, hoping they'd say their names and save him having to ask Ruth later.

When the conversation slowed again, he held up the pack of ping pong balls.

"Anybody up for 2 on 2?"
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