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Claire Monaghan checked her cell phone's clock. She was early.

Hell yeah. Early for the party, first to get the good food and drinks. Hehehe.

Claire's parents were out of town that week. Her dad was at a medical conference in San Francisco, and her mother tagged along to go sight seeing and shopping with friends. They knew she was going to a party and made sure she wouldn't misbehave. For the most part, that involved making sure she didn't drink too much, didn't engage in anything explicit, and generally acted like a reasonable individual.

Plus, her brother was home from college, so she basically had an adult figure looming over her. Mason was dropping her off at the party, and would be back to get her at eleven.

Claire and Mason were nearing Joey's house.

"Okay Claire," her brother said, "you remember what Mom and Dad said. It might not be fun, but they want to be able to trust you on this kind of stuff. Just drink soda, chat with some friends, try to make the most of your time."

"Alright," she said. "Man, you became kind of a stick in the mud really quickly."

"Oh please," Mason responded, "while you are at your lame high school party, I'll be shooting heroin and painting the Fremont Troll pink. Don't say I'm not fun."

"Okay Mase," she sarcastically responded, "you go be the wild one. I'll get us home alive with my learner's permit. Oh, hey, we're here."

Mason pulled the car up in front of the house. Claire unbuckled her seat belt and grabbed her jacket.

"Although admittedly, I would love to see a pink troll. I'm sure you can do it in time."

"Go on sis," Mason said, pushing Claire's shoulder. "Go be young and do all that John Hughes shit."

"Thaaaanks," she responded, stretching the vowels.

She stepped out of the car and closed the door. A moment later, Mason was driving off.

Okay, high school party. What to expect? Julia Stiles dancing on a table, Rachel McAdams kissing Lindsay Lohan's crush, probably one of the Stacys getting body shots done off them. Are either of them coming to this?

That's when Claire noticed the two at the door. The one closest to the door was the girly looking guy Claire had been friends with since fifth grade. Next to him was a soccer player, holding lemons. She waved to them as she approached.

"Wassup R.J? Hey Mal."
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