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((Mallory McCormick continued from Down In The Alley... though I guess this is chronologically before it.))

"They've got more beer than he's ever seeeeen and they've got girls on trampolines~"

Mallory had filled in the ridiculously long walk to Jimmy's... Joseph's... Joey Joe Joe's... god, she was bad at names... house by singing Ludo songs to herself constantly. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to bring things, and upon going through the house for something that would help a booze party she'd only found a bag of lemons. Lemons were used in alcoholic drinks, right? Like Coke with Lemon, but alcoholic. She'd also picked up a couple of bottles of soda. No way she could afford alcohol and there'd probably be enough anyway.

"They tapped ten kegs since 9:15 and they've got girls on trampolines~!"

Oh, there's the house. And right on time, as well. Though wasn't there a concept called 'fashionably late?' Eh. Mallory wasn't fashionable so it didn't really matter, and she'd look like a right doofus malloofus standing outside until the point where arriving was fashionable.

Besides, someone was already standing at the door. That girl... no, guy... something to do with baseball, his name was, right? Nice kid, she knew that much.

"What's up, Nice Guy?" Mallory greeted him. She shifted the bag of lemons to her other hand and tried not to drop anything as she knocked on the door. Rap-tappa-tap-tap. Tap-tap.
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