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(Rutherford Roger Jr. Continued from Little Talks)

R.J. was already riding down the highway to get to Joey's house, even though the party didn't start till 8:00. R.J. checked his phone and saw it was 7:54. It was night time already, the stars were abundant, and the city lights looked beautiful on the dark horizon. However, there was no time to enjoy the scenery, especially since the he had the go ahead.

It was the beginning of summer, and the end of a long sophomore year. R.J. had about a week before he left to see his father, before being deployed again. Since he wanted to relax, Joey's party seemed perfect. Drink a few beers, hang out with some friends, maybe even watch the game. Seemed like everything was going to go swell. R.J. didn't imagine that Joey had that much beer, and slung around his shoulder was a plastic bag that held 3 big liters of beer that he got from the Quik Stop, which he hid inside in what use to be 3 big liters of empty Ginger-Ale.

R.J. pulled his bike up into Joey's driveway. Joey's parents were out, so there was nothing else in the driveway. He checked his phone again, and it was 8:04. He rang the doorbell and waited patiently.
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If you ain't gettin' drunk, get the fu- · Memories (The Past)