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(This thread is OPEN, and takes place between sophomore and junior year.)

Joey plopped himself down on the couch. It was 8 O'clock, on the dot, party time. He cracked open the first beer, officially commencing the drinking. Beer cans were never as exciting as kegs, but they kept things simpler and cleaner.

His cousin had been kind enough to provide the beverages. Of course, he'd taken a big ass tip, but it would be worth it in the end. Joey'd been planning this party since he saw the invitation in the mail. While his parents watched their third string friend get married, they'd probably be drinking too.

They wouldn't even care if I threw a party. So long as nothing, and nobody, breaks.

Ruth would probably join him soon. In the meantime he'd just sip his Yuengling and wait for people to start showing up. He wasn't sure in all who'd be there, but that's how parties worked.

A final glance around confirmed that all the chips were out, and the mixers and chasers were nearby their assumed partner liquors. It was a good thing Alfonso had talked him out of a keg, there would be enough left overs already.

Joey hoisted himself up, and made his way over to the snack table. If his guests were anything like himself, he'd have over an hour to kill before having to entertain. He popped some jalapeño flavored chips in his mouth, savoring the burn before extinguishing it with beer. Finding them tastier than he'd expected, he took the bowl back to the couch with him. Snacking would help pass time, and he knew better than to drink on an empty stomach.
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