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This is a roster of all the sports teams in Aurora High School.

An idea came to me the other day, seeing as we have pretty sizable rosters, especially for the football team, but other than the Girls Softball team, there hasn't been very much interactions between team-mates to really make them feel like team mates imo. Well let's fix that!

Here is the Aurora High football roster (So far - There might be more later):
Benjamin Ward
Brian Zhdanovich
Cody Patton
Jack Johnson
Michael Whaley
Jasper Rourke
Yoshio Sato
Caleb Luke Matthews
Kyran Dean
Miles Strickland
Ethan Hunt
Francisco Reyes Lanza

I have two boys on the team and I'm interested in forming some interactions/relationships with other members of the team through a Memories thread, if anyone else is interested. If you have any ideas on what sort of set-up the team should have to interact, or anything specific, please share!

My current idea is a post-game victory or after practice scene within the locker room (memories section). This might be an interesting way to show dynamics and bonding between the characters on the team, in a sort of casual way, as there might be small talk or conversations going around (or maybe even some not so friendly interaction). I bet they'd have a lot of interesting, sometimes testosterone fueled things to talk about (Girls or Cheerleaders maybe?) while cleaning themselves up or changing out and doing whatever guys do in the locker room. Sounds fun? =P

Right now I'm gauging interest to see if people would actually participate in this. We can always add a few NPC's to the mix as well. So... interested? :)


Similarly if anyone is interested in interacting/playing out or has anything in mind for any of the other sports teams such as the...
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