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Unfortunately, it wouldn't really be fair to allow unapproved characters into the running, given that there is no guarantee that they will be approved in the end. It would also massively complicate voting.

That said, the nomination phase is now over. The following positions have been assigned, due to being uncontested:

Tennis Captain: Jack McDonald
Softball Captain: Kathryn Nguyen and Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer (co-captains)
Girls Soccer Captain: Mallory McCormick
Boys Swim Captain: Zubin Wadia
Boys Track Captain: Zubin Wadia
Boys Basketball Captain: Mike Whaley
Girls Basketball Captain: Katarin Tolstoff
Math Club President: Zubin Wadia
Wrestling Team Captain: Lana Torres
Baseball Captain: Mike Whaley
Anime Club President: Yukiko Sakurai
Gaming Club President: Corey Esposito

The contested positions have been turned into polls. Voting will work as follows:

You may cast one vote per handler, and may vote only on those positions corresponding to activities you have a character involved in. For example, I could not vote in the football race, because I have no character on the football team. This is because the point of these is to determine team/activity dynamics, not to hold a popularity contest. You may vote for yourself.

The staff realizes that many of these positions only have a couple characters. This means that, if both handlers vote for themselves, there will be a tie. In that event, or in any other instance of a tied vote, the following protocols will be used to determine who gets the position:

a. Whichever character has been nominated for less positions will be given preference, to spread the fun of holding positions out as much as possible.
b. Should each character be nominated for the same number of positions, the staff will randomly determine a winner by rolling dice.

These polls will remain open for one week. To vote, you should post your vote, as well as which of your characters is a participant in the activity in question.

The presidential and vice presidential races will be handled in their own thread, using rules explained there.

Finally, one character (Zubin Wadia) has three positions uncontested, and one contested. As we have decided that no character may serve more than three positions, decoy73 must choose to either drop his contesting of debate club or drop one of his other positions. In the interests of fairness, we'd prefer it if he decides ASAP and posts here, because it doesn't really seem fair to wait until the results of a contested race are in, especially given that that is the only position for which Naomi has been nominated (excluding the presidency).

Phew. That was a mouthful. Have at.
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