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Esteban Reyes

A rather average, if a bit on the big side of the spectrum student of tan complexion and Spanish ancestry, Reyes has brown eyes and dark brown hair. He usually wears rather plain, if not umkept and sometimes mismatching clothes. His hygiene is the bare minimum to not become an object of reprisal from the teachers. He's middle ground between ugly and handsome, posessing some facial impurities, flaky hair,acne, and rather sparse facial hair, but a rather shapely chin and deep voice.

He's a rather okay guy, despite what circumstances otherwise dictated. He's lost both parents in the span of three years (one by accident, the other by suicide by the grief caused), even requiring psychological observation in order to not become deranged or commit suicide aswell. Thankfully, due to the fact he was raised by a reasonably good behaved family, he's got a decent mental resilience which allowed him to go forward. Although he wasn't left unscathed, being forced to grow up and mature due to the circumstances has left him somewhat embittered and cynical.

Academically speaking, Esteban is a mixed bag. He's got wits enough to stand out above the average, although they're wasted in an apparent disdain for certain subjects, such as economics and politics. He thinks of them as "brainwash". He fares much better in scientific and technical subjects, biology being the first, and has expressed desire to become a medic. He has also a knack of reading about history and literature, specially about ancient heroic figures.

Socially speaking, Esteban enjoys playing with the pecking order of the High School, showing a total disdain of the usual worries of teenagers. He has no desire to get a girlfriend, he likes to pick up fight with the bullies and jerk jocks, almost on a self-destructive level, and for the most part tolerates the antics of the nerds and oddballs. He even outright defies teachers at some times, while praising them in other occasions. On rare occasions, he actually sheds his cynism away and reverts to the friendly, loyal and well-mannered sort that he once was, although these moments are exceedingly rare, and with the growing resent and confusion towards his actions, they might disappear completely.
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