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Hey, everyone! As announced, we are now in the process of accepting character submissions for sports and student government positions. Submit your characters for consideration here. I'll keep this post updated with a list of candidates by position.

a. Naomi Bell
b. Zubin Wadia

Vice President:
a. Miles Strickland
b. Amaranta Montalvo

Football Captain:
a. Cody Patton
b. Mike Whaley

Tennis Captain:
a. Jack McDonald

Softball Captain:
a. Kathryn Nguyen and Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer (co-captains)

Boys Soccer Captain:
a. Owen Kay
b. Miles Strickland and Francis St. Ledger (co-captains)

Girls Soccer Captain:
a. Mallory McCormick

Boys Swim Captain:
a. Zubin Wadia

Girls Swim Captain:
a. Michelle Weschler
b. Yukiko Sakurai

Boys Track Captain:
a. Zubin Wadia

Girls Track Captain:
a. Veronica McDonald
b. Bianca Howard

Boys Basketball Captain:
a. Mike Whaley

Girls Basketball Captain:
a. Katarin Tolstoff

Math Club President:
a. Zubin Wadia

Debate Club President:
a. Zubin Wadia
b. Naomia Bell

Wrestling Team Captain:
a. Lana Torres

Baseball Captain:
a. Mike Whaley

Anime Club President:
a. Yukiko Sakurai

Gaming Club President:
a. Corey Esposito
Juliette Sargent
Alton Gerow
Lavender Ripley
Phillip Olivares
Library Vee
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