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Alicia Gordon

A cynical young woman. The reason why she's so cynical was because of a tragedy in her youth. You see, a friend of the family had repeatedly sexually abused her. When she found out he had killed 1000000 girls before, she was worried he was going to kill her next. So she brought out a chainsaw and sliced him in half. It was ruled as self-defense, because she's twelve and she can't kill people with a chainsaw at that age. To this day, she spends most of her time sitting on the street corner, smoking. She likes piano and My Little Pony. The latter makes her cry because she doesn't have any friends.

She is perfectly prepared for the island since she has killed before and has no particular qualms about killing again. However, she has a perfectly good target on her back because she's such a bitch.

As a result, she needs enemies. Loads of them.


Denny Bauer

He also has a messed up childhood. After his mother's death, his father became a paranoid alcoholic who was convinced that in 2012, the world was going to be invaded by aliens. So he taught his son all sorts of survival tactics, such as knife-fighting against a dog, places where you can break an arm, shooting down alien spaceships with just a NERF gun, and so on. The kid, thoroughly messed up by this ordeal, decided that it sucked to lose and started making fights in the halls at seven. His music teacher was the only one who cared, and kindly asked him to stop beating the kids to a pulp. His dad was all "Stupid music teacher", and tried to kill him, tripping on his knife because of an ill-placed rubber ducky which made him stab himself in the chest. Denny now has serious DID and has two different selves; of his self raised by his former music teacher, and his self raised by his deceased father. He hates anime and other geeky things because that's the way to making a good character in v5.

He needs friends. Maybe a few enemies.

Not enough explanation for DID, maybe have it be an alien revenge plot?


Felicia Roux

She was a nice girl, up until she saw an orgy for the first time. At first she was horrified, then she was aroused and happily joined it because her friend asked her to. Since then, she has been a raging nymphomaniac. Every weekend, she goes off to party, get drunk, and get laid, with no repercussions, because she is a boss. Felicia has big boobs, the largest in school in fact, and she's thus one of the prettiest girls at school. She is notorious for being a major slut, and she has fucked almost all of the senior guys. Yes, even if you don't think your dude has slept with her, he has, he just won't admit it. Oh, and girls? You are not safe either. For she is bisexual, because that is how promiscuity works. Don't question it.

What she needs is people to sleep with.

Needs more murder.
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