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Name: Miles Strickland
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Aurora High School
Hobbies and Interests: Academics, student council, law, soccer and football team, espressos and lattes

Appearance: Miles is 6’2” and weighs in at 180 pounds. He is slim with some visible muscle, mainly due to genetics and occasional exercise. Miles is someone who clearly takes the time for personal hygiene and grooming to maintain his clean and presentable appearance. He is Caucasian with a medium skin tone. His eyes are green and his nose and lips narrow, but proportionate to the rest of his slender facial features. Miles has a tendency to smirk, lending a generally smug aura to himself. He has thick and naturally wavy or slightly curly blonde hair, which he keeps neat and clean cut with styling product, as it sometimes falls messy and wildly on his head when long. He tends to grow some light scruff along his face rather quickly if he doesn’t take care of it. He keeps his face smooth and clean shaven as he believes it’s more professional looking.

Miles normally wears clothing that can be described as “preppy” in style and are usually a bit more expensive than what many other Aurora students can afford. Some of his apparel include: cashmere sweaters, long sleeves or polo shirts in an assortment of color, usually with stripes of some sort and a plain under shirt of some kind. When dressing a bit more casually, Miles will sometimes wear a black Columbia leather or fleece jacket over a preppy brand T-shirt. He typically wears long pants and nice black shoes or pumped athletic kicks.

Biography: Miles Strickland was born in Seattle, Washington to parents, Theresa and Noam Strickland. He comes from a fairly wealthy family as his mother is a state’s attorney, his father is one half of a successful law firm partnership and his grandmother is a well-respected and long tenured, college politics professor. He legitimately respects and looks up to his parents and grandmother as successful role models whom he strived to be like even from an early age. Miles also has younger fraternal twin siblings named Layla and Leo who are three years younger and whom he doesn’t get along with all the time, but still cares about.

All through early childhood, Miles was mostly taken care of and raised by nannies or his grandmother if she wasn’t busy with her teaching job. His parents, who were typically busy with their jobs thought to make up for the little time they spent with their son, by inadvertently spoiling Miles with anything he wanted or thought that he needed. Due to his upbringing, Miles was used to being pampered and getting what he wanted. The focused attention that Miles felt he was receiving from his parents seemed to lessen once his younger siblings were born. He’d often cause trouble to the younger children out of spite and was scolded for it, which was something he was not used to. Miles grew to be quite competitive in earning attention and would do what he could to impress his parents and elders as much as he could.

This competitive nature carried into the private school he was enrolled in as a child. Once Miles got a taste of the praise from doing well in class by his teacher and family members, he made it a goal to be the best in everything at school. Being as ambitious as he was, Miles worked hard at getting the best grades possible or the most stars next to his name for every elementary school subject to impress his parents and teachers. He was often envious of the smartest kids and would make an effort to exclude them when playing games or socializing with other students. Miles also tended to have the newest shoes, toys and backpacks that some of the other students did not and would bully by way of exclusion to those who weren’t as fortunate or whom he viewed as on the same level as him. He would do so in a passive rather than blatant way to avoid the same kind of scolding he’d gotten when bullying his younger siblings, while still appearing as a good and well behaved student to the teachers and staff.

Being pampered and coming from a wealthy family gave Miles a snobby attitude where he felt better than some of his classmates. This personality only grew the more he felt like he was also better at school and making friends than other kids. When making friends, Miles would socialize with the cool kids and would quietly make fun of the losers in a way that wouldn’t get him in trouble. If anyone were to cause trouble to him, he’d normally find a way to quietly get back at them. He was usually polite in attitude and helped the teachers or adults whenever they needed it. If a kid went to a teacher and accused him of being anything less than nice; he’d simply deny it and claim a misunderstanding for which he’d politely apologize to the other student. It was at that age when he learned that a good reputation and sucking up to teachers helped him earn the trust to get away with some of his behaviors.

At home, Miles discovered that he could boss around his younger siblings more effectively by acting friendly to them and in return they’d be friendly back. He’d do so while phrasing his words in a way that could sway them to do things. He and his siblings ended up getting along decently aside from a few sibling rivalries. The younger children would follow Miles like a leader when playing with each other and they’d listen to almost everything he’d tell them to do. The good behavior toward his siblings earned Miles good points from his mother and father.

In late elementary and middle school, Miles would use the same ability he used to get his way from his siblings to charm and sweet talk other students to earn himself an even better image than before. He ended up winning a student citizenship award and became quite popular with his teachers and most of his classmates alike.

Due to his parent’s occupations in law and his grandmother’s occupation as a politics professor, Miles became influenced by law and politics discussions. He would sometimes sit quietly and listen in on what they would chat about and some of it turned out to be quite interesting for the young boy. He also liked the idea that jobs in those fields earned very big benefits in money and respect along with some leadership and power, a trait of which Miles liked having. His grandmother encouraged him to join the middle school student council after he was nominated and his father Noam made future plans with his son for a possible enrollment to a university in law for the future.

Right before high school, his parents informed him that they were going to enroll him to Aurora High School instead of another private school. They cited his cousin Naomi Bell as being a good student who made the decision as well and also noted that they wanted their son to be “well-rounded” in socializing with different types of people and things other than academia, such as sports. They both agreed that Noam's old high school alumnus was much better suited for that compared to the nearby private high schools. At first Miles was appalled at the idea of going to a public school, but agreed to the idea as he didn’t want to disappoint his parents.

Coming fresh from a private school to a public school initially gave Miles a feeling of superiority, in that he felt he was smarter and above most of the students at Aurora High School, but still wanted to be as well liked as he was in his old school. Miles felt out of place in Aurora High School at first, but he quickly adjusted in getting to a similar position with the other students and teachers as his old school. He was enrolled into the soccer team first, where his competitive nature and will to win helped him become one of the team’s best players and earned himself team leader position in his junior varsity years. Miles also realized that the school’s coolest and respected male students amongst the student body were part of the football team. He didn’t exactly enjoy the sport as much as his peers, but knew that being on the team helped his social status at school. He ended up befriending much of the other players, especially the most popular students and even those outside of it by association. His skill in kicking a ball in soccer helped to earn himself a position as designated field goal kicker on the football team; a position of which he happened to be very good at.

Even though Miles is competitive, he is also realistic in his approach to his abilities when it comes to his physical or athletic limitations. He knows that he's not going to be the all around athlete who is good at every sport or position. Miles also knows that on a team, every player is important and he appreciates other team-mates who are good at their positions, considering them on an equal level as himself. The main problem in his competitive nature derives from jealousy beginning from early childhood, where he competed with his younger siblings for his parent's attention. In his teenage years this competitive drive would show when he feels like someone is competing toward a common goal as himself, or if he feels threatened that a colleague might outshine him in something he knows he's good at. If this happens, he becomes jealous toward the other person and may become less friendly and passive aggressive in his interactions with the other person. This was shown particularly after a new forward on the soccer team started receiving more attention than Miles, for a string of high scoring games. Miles, who is used to being a star forward on the team, became jealous and passively hostile to his new team-mate for some time.

His reputation in Aurora High School through four years has been very good. Due to his hard-work to maintain an honor-roll level GPA in his academics in preparation for his goal to be a valedictorian in combination with his charming behavior; the teachers consider Miles to be an outstanding and model student. However, most of it was a one way appreciation as Miles tended to dislike many of the teachers of Aurora High School, whom he deemed as weirdoes or unqualified. Despite that, he’d sweet talk and suck up to them just to get on their good sides, in case it would benefit him later. However, he does enjoy individual subjects themselves such as history, humanities, government and economics, which ties in a bit with his interests in politics and law. He also joined student council with his cousin Naomi, as something to add to his transcripts and for some experiences in leadership roles outside of sports. Through this, Miles displayed some strong leadership and speaking skills.

Miles typically chooses to hang around with those dubbed the coolest or most popular students at Aurora High school and his team mates. He generally tries to socialize with everyone, although mainly for shallow reasons, usually as a means to an ends to get something. Miles will usually portray a polite image to the face of some people, but can secretly be a jerk depending on the situation. He doesn’t usually bully other kids, but when he does his bullying is subtle rather than blatant. He does so, because coming from a private school in combination with his good social and academic reputation at school made Miles into a quite smug teenager, who'd flaunt a "better than you" aura through his personality toward other students, with little consequence. Those students who Miles feels aren’t on the same level or way beneath him on the totem pole get a sort of backhanded niceness from him, sometimes with subtle insults thrown in which he sometimes passes off as mere jokes. Some students have caught on to his attitude and view him as a smug, two-faced prick. On the other hand, Miles can be one of the coolest and friendliest guys around to people he legitimately likes or considers friends and equals.

On his free time, Miles enjoys spending time at the trendiest coffee houses for his favorite espressos and lattes, which was a habit he picked up from his grandmother and cousin. A hot cup of expensive coffee can be seen in Mile's hand on occasion. Miles has future plans and goals to go to law school and become a lawyer or state's attorney like his father and mother, respectively. He is working on it by paying extra care to his academics. Miles also drives a nice Porsche, gifted to him by his parents as a form of motivation to continue his hard work.

Advantages: Miles is a charmer and a sweet talker, who can talk in a way to get people to like him or get them to do something for him. He displays good leadership skills and is a strong and charismatic speaker which could also sway people in his direction. He is also an ambitious and hard worker that will do what he can once his mind is set on something. Miles also has several friends which could mean several allies.
Disadvantages: Miles has been pampered and spoiled his whole life and being stuck in an environment unlike that of which he is used to may cause problems for him. He is sometimes quite competitive which can cause some trouble should anyone wish to assume a leadership role in his presence or do something he wanted to do. He feels most comfortable with a group of people by his side or who he can take charge of and might be at a loss of what to do if he’s alone. Miles has also rubbed a few people the wrong way and made enemies, which has caused him to be viewed as a preppy jerk. As a result, many people may not like him or want to assist him.
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