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Horace awoke at the very first sign of the announcements. He pulled his map out of his pack and noted which areas were danger zones. He made no marks on the map, merely pointed to the different areas as Danya read them aloud. He had a good memory; he wouldn't forget which areas were off limits.

He walked around the hospital, hoping that the other denizens would still be around so that they could discuss strategy or maybe work out some sort of deal. He as strangely relieved when he realized that they had already left.

Seeing no need to gather medical supplies that would only burden him further, Horace gathered up his meagre supplies, re-filled his bottles with the terrible tasting water and placed everything in the bag with the bowling ball. It was certainly hefty enough to do some damage; it was good that his bulky shoulders could bear the weight of the extra weapon.

He looked out the window, trying to peer through the heavy cloak of fog, and swung the door open with his free hand. He looked around, checking for danger, and continued to wander, hoping that he would eventually run into one of the terrorists so that he could give them a piece of his mind.

((Continued elsewhere))
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