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god it's been a lovely day
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Matthew buckled in pain from the blow from Rob's gun.

"You fucking son of a bitch." He said between gasps for air, resting against the wall because the pain made it hard for him to stand.

We hobbled over to his bed, sat on it and positioned himself so he was resting his back against the wall. He still hadn't bothered to put his shirt back on, he merely rolled it up into a ball and pressed it against his crotch, hoping it would stop some of the pain... which it didn't.

"You're fucking lucky I don't want to kill you..." He said seriously, but then soon couldn't help but break into a laugh at the whole deal that was going on. He got his breath back and the pain was starting to go away, as he roared up laughing.

"You should have fucking seen it dude! She's playing hard to get... on a fucking island like this... hard to get.. can you believe it?!"

He smacked his knee at the thought and continued to chuckle. He figured his friend would get a kick out of it also.
It's so nice
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