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Dan didn't notice Adrian make a move while he was addressing the pasty kid, however he was made aware the second he glanced back to his left and realized the kid was walking away.

"Hey--" he mumbled, bewildered as to what the fuck was going on. What transpired next was nothing short of a "...." moment. Dan was speechless as he watched Adrian make his way up the ladder, ignoring the cold rain as it dripped off of his baseball cap. He looked back at the pasty guy and gave him a quizzical look, turning his attention back toward the ascending emo kid and wondering what course of action to take.

Tailing him up the ladder wasn't quite an appealing idea; it was slick with rain and he would be at an immediate disadvantage anyway attacking from below. It seemed like this altercation had been effectively closed anyway. This was soon confirmed.

"Woah, shit!" Dan exclaimed as Adrian fell to his death. He hustled over to the waters edge for a better look, glancing back behind him once he was sure the fall had been fatal to shrug at the tall pasty kid and adjust the bill of his cap. He wasn't quite sure what to say, that is until the pasty kid opened his trap again.

Dan couldn't believe how full of it this guy was. It was like he didn't realize what kind of danger he was--they all were--in. Did he think he was invincible? Apparently so. After making the fool assumption that Dan wouldn't turn him inside out, he even had the stones to walk right by him without even casting him a second glance. He was either packing something really heavy, or he was a total fucking nimrod. Either way, no fucking nerd talked to Dan Johnson like that, not at Franklyn, and certainly not here either. He started after the kid, not running but certainly not lacking in pace.

"And I was gonna let you go," he said to the pasty kids turned back. "But now I'm going to break all your fucking teeth, cocksucker." With that he made a grab at the back of the kids shirt and held the syringe tightly in his other hand, ready to throw a punch the moment his nose came into view. Dan was going to kill this little bitch, but first he was going to establish with Captain Pastyface that this was the worst mistake he'd ever made.
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